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Kit Includes:    

1 x Harness: 

Waist adjustable from 40 - 100cm 

Thigh adjustable from 30 - 70cm 

1 x bungee cord, covered and heat shrinked, 50 to 100kg 

2 x alloy carabiners, attached to cord 


Net weight: 1.9kg total 

Harness, Terylene EVA 

Bungee, polyester and latex thread 

25kN - carabiner 

200kg - bungee and harness 

(2 tonne breaking strain) 

Dance Bungee Kit

GST Included
  • Images are indicative only. If you would like to further customise the dimensions, colour or specifications of this product please contact us to request a quote.

  • Please check and maintain your gear in order to avoid danger caused by misuse while working or playing at height.

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