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Our current delays :(

Updated: May 5

Hi guys, yes we are beyond slow at the moment!

I have just got out of hospital after having a hip replacement, that's the first reason (of many!) then this week I pushed a little too hard and dislocated that hip... Now the wound is infected.

When it rains it pours....

So that's the most recent part, last month we hit an all time low for sales, really stressing the finances. So far in fact we had to let Kyle go :( one of the hardest things I've had to do.

I bet your wondering why I just dip into my the savings. Well those savings went into the minus in January, when we did another workshop move and were hit with a huge bond and advanced rent. $10k upfront during a quiet period is not something we planned for, sadly...

Add in some breakdowns and damages, 'Insert really embarrassed face here' we were scammed out of $5k for a purchase of a shipping container. Getting electrical hooked up, signs, blah blah they all add up to a zero bank account.

What I didn't count for, and probably the most important thing looking back now, was the negative effect it had on my mental health.

It's not a secret, more likely the opposite as I tell everyone, that I have suffered mental health issues for a long time. Including a suicide attempt back in 2017.

I'm Depressed, Bi-Polar, and have side issues derived from that including Narcissism and severe memory loss. And now you know about some physical issues too, hips, back pain, and skin (Psoriasis)

I don't keep it a secret as some of it has been posted online through studies etc... (

I have successfully managed pretty much all of it with the right medication, the occasional set back, but in general I stay well.

So, in short, I'm kinda mentally screwed up at the moment...

I know I make that sound light hearted, but in reality it's a little more serious,

I will be taking a few weeks to heal, all over my body, in and out!

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