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Aerial Chains

Chain Dimensions: 250cm standard, or choose a custom length

This is for a loop,  (2 pieces at 5m either side)


Chain sizes: 

Small - 30mm x 19mm x 6mm in Stainless Steel (0.8kg per meter)

Medium - 40mm x 25mm x 8mm in Stainless Steel (1.3kg per meter)

Large - 60mm x 35mm x 10mm in Stainless Steel (2.3kg per meter)


Standard set up - 50cm top to bottom

  • 3 x Standard swivels
  • Small paw (rigging plate)
  • Standard Carabiner 
  • 5 x Quicklinks


Premium set up - 30cm top to bottom

  • 3 x Rock Exotica shackle swivels - best on the market
  • Custom made 3 point rigging plate (triangle)
  • Premium Carabiner
  • 2 x Quicklinks


(Bottom Quicklink are not shown in the picture)

Net weight: 700g

Dimensions: Standard Size 120mm x 120mm along outer edge (Custom sizes available)

Material: 8mm Mild Steel

Breaking Strength: 30kN

MRC: (WLL) 250kg


Aerial Chains

GST Included
  • Images are indicative only. If you would like to further customise the dimensions, colour or specifications of this product please contact us to request a quote.

  • Please check and maintain your gear in order to avoid danger caused by misuse while working or playing at height.

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