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Aerial Cube


Collapsible for easy transport

Breaks down to 2 seperate squares and 4 small bars...


Solid, fully welded cubes are also available. Starting from $780, a cheaper alternative. Shipping can vary quite a lot, please message for details.


*Note, all Cubes are made to order and there may be wait times depending on workload.

- All Cubes come with 2 hang points which can be fitted to any corner if you want them

- All Cubes are custom made to your size, measured internally

Dimensions: Any size you like

Weight: 7kg upwards
Finish: Powdercoated, View Our Powdercoat Colour Chart

Rigging: No Rigging included. We recommend; 1 x Lyra Rigging Kit. See paired products.


GST Included
  • These colours are a special textured finish that provide extremely good grip.

    They are all flat in colour, and have a rubbery feel to them

  • Please check and maintain your gear in order to avoid danger caused by misuse while working or playing at height.

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