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Aerial rig brackets for studio/shed/pergola installation


From home to multiple point studio installations.

Plenty of different configurations, each one designed to suit your application. All made to order to ensure you get the right bracket. (Please allow time for manufacturing)

Prices starting from $80 

Supply only - please contact us for installation


Brackets include:

  • All bolts, lock nuts, and washers, all high tensile 8.8

General instal requires:

  • 2 Brackets for the top

  • 1 Cleat / tie off point for the wall/post

Studio / Shed / Pergola brackets

GST Included
  • Images are indicative only. If you would like to further customise the dimensions, colour or specifications of this product please contact us to request a quote.

  • Please check and maintain your gear in order to avoid danger caused by misuse while working or playing at height.

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